This morning I taped an interview with NPR’s the Takeaway. Robert Corbitt, Recy Taylor’s youngest brother, joined us from Abbeville, Alabama. He was incredible. He talked about how his family endured threats for decades and how his father, Benny Corbitt, guarded the house at night when everyone went to sleep. He told how his cousin was killed by a KKK member–so when Recy Taylor told the local Sheriff that a group of white men raped her–everyone knew their lives were at risk. Benny Corbitt climbed a tree in the back yard. He sat there all night with his shotgun and sack of shells defending his home and the precious folks inside.

He also talked about how Taylor has lived with the pain of the crime for 66 years; how the entire family searched for justice; and how grateful they are that the crime committed against Taylor is no longer hidden from history.

I am so grateful to know the Corbitts and thrilled that they let me share their story with the world.

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  • Robert Bivens Posted October 22, 2015 9:46 pm

    I’m so happy I read this story.My family is a part of history.Recy Taylor is my grandmother’s first cousin.

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